political humor


this guy is german??

i don’t believe it. :D (via ibtp)

something else to watch and read: “the miseducation of david chappelle, part ii” over here at reappropriate (part i here). i agree with her, that “Chappelle is no victim here. The moment he donned blackface to make his audience laugh, he should have realized that people would be laughing at the wrong thing. He set himself up to be the racial clown — it should have come as no surprise that his eager-to-laugh audience would have found his racialized antics more accessible than the “message” behind the sketch. The message is only funny to those who understand — the sketch isn’t able to, by itself, explain racial politics — and make it humorous — for outsiders.” but this being said, one has to mention that when at his political best, not worst, chappelle can be pure genius and as brave and “revolutionary” as it gets anywhere close to the mainstream – which is why the racial pixie stuff is so upsetting (here’s a list of 11 of his skits, though it’s highly debatable that they’re really all “best-of”).

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  1. […]   when it is (not) ok to use blackface 04/10/2006, 06:49 Filed under: the blog in a previous post i commented briefly on whether dave chappelle’s using blackface on his show was “funny”. […]

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